The wives of soldiers from the Azov Regiment met with the Pope

Kostia Andreikovets

The wives of soldiers from the Azov Regiment Kateryna Prokopenko and Yulia Fedosiuk met with the Pope.

This was reported by Ansa.

The Ukrainians asked Francis to help save their men from Azovstal.

"We asked him to come to Ukraine and talk to Putin about the evacuation," said Kateryna and Yulia. The Pope did not answer.

The Pope replied that he would "pray for us and do his best."

  • Earlier, Italian media reported that Pope Francis had asked the Russian authorities three times to organize a humanitarian corridor for civilians from Mariupol, but his appeals were in vain.
  • Currently, Russian troops continue to storm Azovstal and bomb the plant. Defenders have already lost two hospitals, killing even the lightly wounded.
  • The Ministry of Defense stated that the military blockade of Mariupol is currently impossible. However, the Azov Regiment is convinced that it is possible to break through to Azovstal. Meanwhile, the commander of the 36th Marine Brigade, Serhiy Volynsky, who is defending the plant, has once again called for rescuing the Ukrainian military from Azovstal.
  • On May 11, Donetsk Peopleʼs Republic leader Pushilin said that there were no civilians left at Azovstal, so the occupiers had their hands free.