The bodies of three other Russian civilians shot dead were found in Kyiv oblast

Anna Kholodnova

The bodies of three civilians killed by the Russian occupiers were found in the Bucha district of Kyiv oblast. Burials were found near the ring road near Makariv, where Russian positions were stationed during the fighting.

This was reported by the police of Kyiv oblast.

The bodies of three men were in the pit. Among them was a foreigner. A streamer with an F-1 grenade left by the Russian military was found near the burial ground.

"Two people were killed in the head, one person in the abdomen. The documents of one of the victims, a Czech citizen, were found at the burial site. We have his relevant data. The other two people have not been identified yet, but they were in civilian clothes. We will look for the circumstances under which they disappeared on the territory of Ukraine, "said Andriy Nebytov, Chief of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kyiv Oblast.

Law enforcement officers learned that a Czech citizen worked as a truck driver in Ukraine before the war and came to our country to volunteer when the fighting began. The foreigner stopped communicating on March 3. The 49-year-old man had a wife and brother in Czech Republic.

Police also found the body of another shot local near the village of Rakivka. He is a former operative of the internal affairs bodies, at that time already a pensioner. During the occupation, he went for firewood and did not return. Soldiers of the Russian Federation undressed the man and shot him. He was buried on the field next to the fighting positions of the Russians. Forensic scientists found traces of torture on the body of the deceased.