The US House of Representatives supported providing Ukraine with $40 billion of aid

Julia Sheredeha

The US House of Representatives has backed a bill to provide Ukraine with an additional $40 billion in aid, the vast majority of which will go to arms procurement. The US Senate plans to approve the document by the end of the week.

This was reported by The Washington Post.

The $7 billion package of military, economic and humanitarian support, more than the $33 billion requested by President Biden, was approved by a two-party vote, with 368 lawmakers voting in favor and 57 against.

All Democrats present in the House of Representatives voted in favor of the event on Tuesday night. They were joined by 149 Republicans in the House of Representatives. Fifty-seven Republicans voted against.

This year, Congress has provided $13.6 billion in aid to Ukraine, which means that if the last package is approved, the total amount of approved aid will exceed $50 billion.

Last night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeatedly condemned President Putin as a "coward", described the aid package as an "act of mercy" and called the war in Ukraine a "war on which the future of global democracy depends".

  • On May 9, US President Joe Biden signed a law on a land lease for military aid to Ukraine. This decision restores the program of the Second World War, which allows the President of the United States to more effectively send weapons and make other deliveries to Ukraine against the background of the Russian invasion — without bureaucratic red tape.