At Azovstal, even the lightly wounded are slowly dying due to poor conditions. The occupiers destroyed the second hospital

Kostia Andreikovets

Maksym Zhorin, co-commander of the Azov-Kyiv SSO regiment, said that Russian troops had destroyed the second underground hospital in Azvostal. Wounded defenders have a very difficult situation — even the lightly wounded have to amputate limbs or die slowly.

He told about it on the air of "Suspilne".

According to him, the second hospital was destroyed two days ago. He was in a bomb shelter. Then 10 people were killed, and both military and civilians were wounded. Defenders have no medicines, tools or bandages.

Zhorin stressed that the wounded and soldiers need an urgent evacuation from Azovstal.

The Azov Regiment showed photos of the wounded defenders of Mariupol, indicating that they were forced to be in completely unsanitary conditions, with open wounds, without the necessary medication and food. Azov also calls on the UN and the Red Cross to immediately rescue the wounded and evacuate them from the war zone.

Occupying troops in Mariupol continue to bomb Azovstal every day.