Musk has raised $ 7 billion from investors to buy Twitter

Oleg Panfilovych

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk raised $ 7 billion to buy Twitter.

This was reported by the BBC.

The funds will be provided by 19 investors. It is reported that the $ 7 billion raised will allow Mask to reduce the risk at his own expense during the conclusion of the agreement, which was approved by the Board of Directors of Twitter, but has not yet been completed.

The biggest investor is Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, who has invested $ 1 billion. Other investors include the venture company Sequoia Capital and the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Earlier, Musk said he plans to finance the acquisition of Twitter through loans, investments and cash. In recent weeks, it has sold shares of Tesla worth about $ 8.5 billion, money that is expected to be used to fund the deal. He also borrowed $ 13 billion from banks and borrowed his assets from Tesla.