Ukraine is moving to Western weapon calibers and technology, but there are several extremely difficult weeks ahead

Anna Kholodnova

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov spoke about the results of a meeting of representatives of defense agencies of more than 40 countries, which took place at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

He named the key achievements.

The parties have established an Advisory Group on Ukraineʼs Defense, which will operate on a permanent basis, and within which once a month Ukraine will "check the clock" with partner countries to accelerate important processes for obtaining weapons, improve logistics, ensure optimal coordination.

"For example, when decisions are made on providing Ukraine with one or another weapon, due to coordination, weapons of the same type will come from different countries. Conditionally, several countries will provide 3-4 guns, and in total Ukraine will receive an artillery division, "the Minister of Defense explained.

The decision was made to switch to Western calibers and equipment. In particular, Ukraine already receives 155-mm artillery. This will ensure full interoperability of the Ukrainian army with the armies of NATO countries.

It was also decided to scale and expand training programs for the Ukrainian military, in particular, on those types of weapons and equipment for which Ukraine has no political decisions yet.


Oleksiy Reznikov also stressed that there are several extremely difficult weeks ahead. Russia has now amassed strength for a large-scale offensive in eastern Ukraine and is stepping up its offensive, but aid to Ukraine will increase.

"In the coming days we will need all our resilience and extraordinary unity. The enemy is already aware of its strategic defeat, but will still try to inflict as much pain on us as possible. Unfortunately, we will still lose our soldiers before the victory. There will still be destruction and painful casualties. We have to endure. And we will endure! " — the minister declared.