MP Hryhoriy Surkis left for Poland. He was delayed at the border due to an attempt to take out 13 watches

Anna Kholodnova, Maria Zhartovska

Today, on April 22, "Ukrayinska Pravda", citing sources, reported on the detention on the Polish border of the MP from OPFL Hryhoriy Surkis. It was reported that he was trying to leave Ukraine through the "Krakovets" checkpoint with 13 watches, so he was detained for several hours.

Customs told "Babel" that a report had not been drawn up against Surkis and his watches had not been confiscated. According to customs officers, employees of the State Bureau of Investigation operate at checkpoints, who independently compile procedural documents, and seize items if necessary.

An interlocutor from Surkisʼs entourage says that as such there was no detention and the MPʼs watches were not confiscated, but they had to be left in Ukraine. Surkis gave the watches to his assistants.

Journalists of "Ukrayinska Pravda" later wrote that Surkis still left for Poland.

  • Martial law is in force in Ukraine until May 25. Male citizens of Ukraine (aged 18 to 60) who are fit for military service are prohibited from traveling abroad. Surkis is now 72 years old. Earlier, the media reported that he was leaving the country at the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russian troops.