Poland has declared that it will not shoot down Russian missiles without NATOʼs decision. This possibility was previously prescribed in the security agreement with Ukraine

Olha Bereziuk

Poland will not shoot down Russian missiles flying towards Poland in Ukrainian airspace without the decision of the entire NATO.

Polish Minister of Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysh stated this in an interview with "Polish Radio".

The minister emphasized that Poland will not make any decisions on this issue on its own, and that it should be a decision of NATO as a whole.

He added that there is currently no such agreement in NATO, and pointed to the position of the White House, which stated that it does not want the conflict to escalate.

"Of course, there are other procedures for missiles on the territory of the Republic of Poland. Then this is our decision," Kosinyak-Kamysh emphasized.

  • The possibility of intercepting missiles flying in the direction of Poland was prescribed in the security agreement between Ukraine and Poland on July 8. The text referred to a "bilateral dialogue with other partners aimed at studying the justification and feasibility of possible interception of missiles in the airspace of Ukraine."
  • The Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, explained that the document specified "the desire, the need for such a conversation" and noted that such actions "require joint NATO responsibility."