“Kharakternyky” battalion has appeared in Ukraine — it consists of convicts

Liza Brovko

The Kharakternyky (”magicians” in Ukrainian) battalion was formed as part of the 24 brigades named after King Danylo, which will consist of people who served sentences in prisons and wanted to defend the state.

This was reported by the brigade press service.

The new battalion appeared after the adoption of a law introducing parole for those who will participate in the defense of Ukraine. The new recruits of the brigade took advantage of this opportunity.

"Among them there are many patriots who have repeatedly expressed their desire to defend the Motherland. There are many people with combat experience," the press service noted.

In Ukraine, the battalion has from 400 to 800 soldiers.

The fighters have already taken a military oath of loyalty to the Ukrainian people. Kharakternyky will soon begin to perform combat missions.