Germany will transfer 100 Patriot missiles to Ukraine

Kostia Andreikovets

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius informed about the transfer to Ukraine of an additional 100 anti-aircraft missiles for the Patriot air defense system. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive them soon.

The minister said this during a meeting with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in Berlin.

Pistorius noted that the interceptor missiles are provided as part of Germanyʼs initiative to strengthen Ukrainian air defense together with Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway.

"32 of these missiles have already been delivered in the last two days, and the remaining 68 will be delivered in the coming weeks," the minister said, adding that the missiles would help “protect infrastructure and save peopleʼs lives”.

President Zelensky said that Kyiv expects a positive result in the near future regarding 2-3 air defense systems. He said that work with partners from the USA and Europe continues on this issue.

The statements were made in Zanica, Germany, at the anti-aircraft base, where he was shown the Patriot air defense system. Ukrainian specialists are trained at the same base.

"I inspected the Patriot battery, which will be transferred to our country, and met with the Ukrainian soldiers who are training on it. He spoke with the defenders and honored them with state awards," the president said.