Bloomberg: The EU is thinking about another summit on the war in Ukraine, but with the participation of Russia

Liza Brovko

The European Union is thinking about organizing a peace conference on the war in Ukraine with the participation of Russia. This could happen in the fall in Saudi Arabia.

Bloomberg writes about this with reference to sources.

EU foreign ministers are going to discuss how to achieve a "decent result" of the peace summit that Ukraine is convening in Switzerland on June 15-16, and "save face".

However, EU officials publicly say that Putin has not shown any intention to seriously negotiate on any reasonable terms.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called to join the Global Peace Summit of US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. However, Biden plans to skip the leadersʼ meeting — he will raise money for his presidential campaign in California.

Meanwhile, China and Brazil are trying to oppose something to the Ukrainian peace summit. They want such an international conference, which is also recognized by Russia.

"China and Brazil support an international peace conference held at the appropriate time, recognized by both Russia and Ukraine, with equal participation of all parties, as well as an honest discussion of all peace plans," the countries published a joint statement. It reiterates the position that Chinese leader Xi Jinping has been insisting on for a long time.

In addition, Brazil and India are pushing the idea of sending more junior officials to the Global Peace Summit. A senior civil servant may attend the meeting from China. Earlier, the President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said that he would not go to the Peace Summit, because he believes that "it makes no sense to participate in a summit in which both sides of the conflict do not participate."

Global Peace Summit

The first Global Peace Summit for Ukraine will be held on June 15-16 in the Swiss city of Burgenstock. The Presidentʼs Office said that the summit will be devoted to the development of a framework to stimulate the future peace process.

Switzerland invited more than 160 delegations from around the world to the summit. The State believes that different views on the path to peace in Ukraine are vital, so the participation of a wide range of countries and their contribution to the discussion will be crucial to achieving these goals. About 80 countries have confirmed their participation in the summit.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba believes that it makes no sense to invite Russia to the Peace Summit, as it cannot be guaranteed that it will act in good faith. The Presidentʼs Office said that the summit will produce a joint negotiating position that will be handed over to the Russians.