Germany will transfer 20 more Marder IFVs to Ukraine

Oleksandra Amru

The German government ordered 20 Marder infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) for Ukraine from the manufacturer Rheinmetall.

This is stated in the press release of the company.

The order was given to the concern last month, the exact cost is not mentioned, but it is noted that it is about tens of millions of euros.

20 modernized Marder IFV version 1A3 with built-in laser rangefinders for effective and accurate targeting are planned to be handed over to Ukraine this year. Ukraine received the first 20 such machines in March 2023. Then there were several more parties.

The company hands over Marder 1A3 IFVs used by the German Ground Forces, which are undergoing major repairs. They are being modernized at the Rheinmetall plants in Unterluss and Kassel.

Rheinmetall noted that a three-digit number of Marder IFVs have already been delivered to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • Rheinmetall is a German defense concern, one of the largest manufacturers of military equipment and weapons in Germany and Europe. The concern produces, in particular, Panther, Leopard tanks, Marder IFVs and PzH 2000 howitzers.
  • On March 19, at the Ramstein meeting, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced a new €500 million military aid package for Ukraine. It will contain 10 000 rounds of artillery ammunition from the Bundeswehr stockpile, 100 units of armored vehicles and 100 units of transport.
  • On March 28, the German government updated the list of military aid that Germany sent to Ukraine. In particular, the transfer of 20 Marder IFVs was announced then. It was also reported that missiles for Patriot air defense systems, which are extremely necessary for Ukrainian air defense, ammunition for Leopard 2 A6 tanks, 155 mm caliber shells, drones, evacuation vehicles, etc. are being prepared for transfer to Ukraine.