AMCU Chairman Pavlo Kyrylenko declared an apartment of 200 square meters after an investigation by journalists

Oleksandra Opanasenko

The head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) Pavlo Kyrylenko declared the apartment in Kyiv, where he lives with his family, after the investigation of Schemes (Radio Svoboda) — journalists claimed that Kyrylenkoʼs family purchased real estate and cars in the period 2020-2023 worth more than 70 million hryvnias.

This was reported by Radio Svoboda with reference to Kyrylenkoʼs declaration for 2023.

Itʼs about a 4-room apartment of 200 square meters in Kyiv, its estimated cost is 6.2 million hryvnias. The apartment is designed for the 77-year-old grandmother of Kyrylenkoʼs wife. As Schemes found out, the family has been living there since at least 2020.

Previously, Kyrylenko did not declare this property and assured that he "definitely did not live" in this apartment. But in a fresh declaration for 2023, Kyrylenko indicated exactly that as his actual place of residence. The head of the Ukrainian Association of Ukrainian Studentsʼ Union of Ukraine indicated that he lives there with his family starting from September 11, 2023. This date coincides with the appointment of Kyrylenko to the position of head of the Antimonopoly Committee.

At the same time, as the journalists established, the family of the official lived there before — at least since 2020. In particular, as the head of the Donetsk Regional Administration, Kyrylenko said in an interview in 2020 that his family lives in Kyiv. During the interview, they showed a photo taken in the same area as the house, where Kyrylenko used to come after work already in the status of head of AMCU.

Pavlo Kyrylenko denied this in a comment to Schemes: "I did not live there, my wife could appear there for a certain period of time when the apartment was being repaired. I definitely did not live in it. Even when the wife appeared there, when she took the child to school."

At the same time, the officialʼs mother-in-law Nataliya Matienko, when asked by journalists whether the Kyrylenko family lived there and for how long, answered: "Since 2020, constantly... so yes, they lived there." Also, Kyrylenko did not indicate the area and value of this apartment in the declaration. As the journalists established, after receiving the sales contract, its area is almost 200 square meters, and the cost is 6.2 million hryvnias.

Also, in the fresh declaration, Kyrylenko did not indicate the BMW X3 car that his wife Alla Kyrylenko drove in 2022-2024 — journalists established this with the help of the service for checking administrative offenses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Kyrylenko noted that his wife rarely uses a BMW car that belongs to Natalia Matienkoʼs mother-in-law. But the mother-in-law in her comments to journalists noted that only her daughter — that is, Kyrylenkoʼs wife — uses the car.