Another child was returned from the occupation

Liza Brovko

A child was returned from the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporizhzhia region. A woman appealed to the Ministry of Reintegration, asking for help in returning her daughter.

The press service of the Ministry of Reintegration writes about this.

At the time of the beginning of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, the child was staying with his grandparents in Zaporizhzhia. They did not manage to leave immediately because of the grandmotherʼs illness — she could not be transported. It was also risky for the parents to take their daughter away.

The girlʼs mother sought help when her grandmother died. The return took place within the framework of the "Way Home" project.

The Ministry of Reintegration adds that if you witnessed the illegal transfer of children to the temporarily occupied territory or to the Russian Federation, you should report it by calling (050) 562-03-13 or contact the hotline of the National Information Bureau at 16-48.