The Ukrainian passport rose two positions in the ranking of “Henley & Partners”

Oleksandra Opanasenko

The Ukrainian foreign passport took 32nd place in the “Henley & Partners” international ranking, which reflects changes in the visa-free regime of countries around the world. There are 104 places in total.

Currently, Ukrainians can travel without a visa or obtain one upon arrival in 148 countries. Ukraine is among the five countries with the greatest improvement in the rating over the last 10 years (net total increase — 21 positions).

Saint Lucia and Grenada share the 32nd place in the rating along with Ukraine. The passports of citizens of France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Singapore and Spain occupy the first places in the ranking — they can visit 194 countries of the world without a visa. At the same time, Russia is in 51st place, and Belarus is in 64th place.

The last three places in the rating were occupied by Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

  • The “Henley & Partners” Passport Index quarterly analyzes the visa regulations of 227 countries and territories around the world, ranking them by the number of visa-free entry countries. The rating has been compiled for more than 10 years in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association, which maintains the worldʼs largest tourist information base.
  • In 2023, the Ukrainian passport ranked 30th in the “Henley & Partners” ranking, but at that time Ukrainian citizens could only travel to 146 countries without a visa. After joining the European Union, the Ukrainian passport can enter the top ten strongest, according to “Henley & Partners”, because then it will allow visiting countries with which the European Union has a visa-free regime.