The government adopted a new approach to the construction of fortifications

Oleksandra Opanasenko

The government adopted a resolution expanding the list of state bodies that can purchase goods, works and services for the construction of military engineering and fortification facilities.

Thiswas reported by the Ministry of Defense.

Until now, this function was performed by regional military administrations. Now, in addition to them, the customers will be:

  • Ministry of Defense,
  • State special transport service,
  • State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure.

That is, the construction of defense structures will be financed not at the expense of a separate budget program, but within the limits of state and local budget expenditures and other sources not prohibited by law.

The construction financing process has been improved — an advance payment of up to 70% of the contract value is provided. This will help builders build fortifications quickly and where needed, including in dangerous areas.

Also, a unified approach was established in project decisions regarding construction, because until now fortifications were erected in an unsystematic manner. This will ensure the creation of a powerful network of fortifications under a single strategy. The same technical specifications, architectural and engineering solutions and safety requirements will apply to all facilities.

The General Staff will decide on the number and places of construction of facilities, taking into account the proposals of the military command on the ground. This will allow taking into account the peculiarities of the situation in all key areas of the front.