At the Slovak border, almost a thousand trucks are waiting to enter

Liza Brovko

On the morning of December 2, 955 trucks were waiting to enter Ukraine at the Slovak border.

This was reported to Ukrinform by the spokeswoman of the Transcarpathian Customs, Victoria Sengetovska.

This is the situation at the checkpoint "Vyshnye Nimetske — Uzhhorod". Slovak carriers are currently on strike there as a sign of solidarity with their Polish colleagues.

In addition, another 1,100 cars are waiting to enter Ukraine from Hungary at the "Chop (Tysa) — Zahon" checkpoint.

The Union of Truck Drivers of Slovakia announced on December 1 the beginning of blocking the checkpoint "Vyshnye Nimetske — Uzhhorod". The Slovaks said that the import of commercial goods will be allowed at a rate of 4 trucks per hour. At the same time, they added that the transportation of humanitarian goods, military aid, live animals, fuel and chilled (fresh) goods will not be restricted.

What is happening on the western border of Ukraine?

On November 6, Polish carriers staged a strike at the border with Ukraine, blocking three checkpoints for the passage of trucks: "Korchova — Krakowiec", "Grebenne — Rava-Ruska" and "Dorogusk — Yagodin". The picketers are demanding a ban on the registration of transport companies with foreign capital in Poland, which are pushing Polish entrepreneurs out of the market. The Poles reject the joint proposals of the European Commission, Ukraine and Poland and demand a return to the permit system. The Ukrainian side stated that this demand cannot be fulfilled, and the Directorate of the European Commission emphasized that such an issue cannot be the subject of this meeting. On November 16 , Slovak carriers joined Polish colleagues. The warning campaign lasted an hour.

According to the assessment of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, the losses suffered by the Ukrainian economy due to the Polish protesters have already exceeded €400 million. Two Ukrainian drivers died during the protest at the border.