The Senate will consider aid to Ukraine after Thanksgiving

Sofiia Telishevska

The combined national security package, which includes aid to Israel, Ukraine, the US border and Taiwan, will be considered by the House after Thanksgiving (November 23).

This was announced by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, CNN reports.

He emphasized that he "really wants all four requests of the president to be approved."

"And we’re going to work very hard to get that down," Schumer emphasized.

The Senate Majority Leader assured that all four requests have bipartisan support in the House.

Aid to Ukraine

On October 20, US President Joe Biden asked Congress for additional $106 billion in aid. Of them, $61.4 billion is for supporting Ukraine, the rest is for Israel and for strengthening the border between the United States and Mexico. This is a total package. Biden urged Congress to vote on both initiatives in the package. Republicans in the House of Representatives introduced a bill that provides for a package of military aid to Israel and does not include aid to Ukraine. Democrats in the US Senate have blocked a Republican proposal to separate aid to Israel from Ukraine.

  • On November 15, the US House of Representatives approved a budget to finance the government for two months without Ukraineʼs aid. Thus, the American government will have funds until January 19. Note that the previous interim budget expires on November 17. The US government would partially suspend work if the interim budget were not approved. This could slow down aid to Ukraine, as some civil servants would be sent on forced leave.