Denmark is sending 15 Russian intelligence officers working undercover at the embassy

Kostia Andreykovets

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the expulsion of 15 Russian intelligence officers who worked undercover at the Russian Embassy in Copenhagen.

This is stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Russians have 14 days to leave the country. "With this decision, we are sending a clear signal to Moscow that we do not agree with the fact that Russian intelligence officers are spying on Danish land. They pose a threat to our national security that we cannot ignore", said Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod.

The Russian ambassador and other embassy staff remain, but the ambassador was told he had condemned the actions of the Russian military in Bucha, Ukraine, where they tortured and killed civilians.

Prior to that, Russian diplomats and employees of Russian embassies were expelled en masse by Germany, France, and Lithuania. Lithuania was the first EU country to close the Russian consulate and recall its ambassador to Russia.