There is no electricity, no heat, no water. Izium Deputy Mayor told how the city is experiencing a blockade

Anna Kholodnova

There is no electricity, heat, or water in Izium, Kharkiv Oblast, which has been blocked by the Russian occupiers since the beginning of March. Housing construction in the city was destroyed by almost 80%.

This was stated by Deputy Mayor of Izium Volodymyr Matsokin in his interview with Ukrinform.

Since March 6, the city has been suffering from airstrikes and shelling.

"The bombing was completely barbaric and chaotic. It is unclear what military logic could be there. They destroyed everything. World War II memorials, kindergartens, schools, medical and social facilities, roads, the pedestrian bridge, the central square, the central park, architectural monuments. Apocalyptic picture…" — says Volodymyr Matsokin.

It is unknown at this time how many people have fallen victim to the Russian occupiers. People may remain under the rubble of residential buildings. It is also still impossible to bury the dead. According to the deputy mayor, the Izium residents bury the residents in gardens, and parks, just near the houses.

According to the deputy mayor, the invaders contacted Izium Mayor Valery Marchenko and offered to hand over the city. But the mayor did not accept the occupiersʼ proposals.

Izium Residents have become hostages in the hands of the enemy, who does not provide humanitarian corridors and refuses to allow food and medicine. The cargo from the Ukrainian authorities was last delivered on March 14. After that, the occupiers do not allow to bring anything.

"With all the understanding of the tragedy of Mariupol, I will say that the situation in our city is not better," — said Volodymyr Matsokin.

Fighting for Izium still continues.