After the invasion, the Russian military dug in the field between Makariv and Borodianka and ate pigeons. The Ukrainian army liberated these settlements — this is what the camp of the occupiers looked like

Illia Kabachynsky
Yevhen Spirin

In early April, the Ukrainian army drove Russian troops out of Kyiv Oblast, some units of the occupiers withdrew and threw their belongings: ammunition, clothing, food and even documents. Ukrainian journalists came to the liberated villages and cities to document the crimes of the Russian army. AIN.UA editor-in-chief Illya Kabachynsky went to Borodianka, but on his way, he came across a field camp of the Russian army, located between Makariv and Lypivyka, Kyiv Oblast. He photographed the life of the Russian occupiers, or rather, what was left of them, and passed these photos to Babel. This is what the camp looked like.

A small camp was set up by Russian troops on both sides of the main road between the villages. On the one hand, there is something like a fortification: several positions for firing from weapons, a protected position for a tank.

The other side of the road is more interesting: there was the camp, where the Russians apparently lived for some time. Its size is a hundred meters in length and about 10 in width. The first thing that catches your eye is the improvised field kitchen. Tables were assembled from nearby things, boxes for bullets and weapons became cabinets, chairs, and stands. Nothing special and military.

Branded boxes "Army of Russia" with a few field rations. Instead, there are jars with twists and products stolen from Ukrainian stores.

Judging by the number of burned equipment around, the Russians did not save any fortifications, the camp was destroyed.

Places to sleep were on the ground. The walls are hung with curtains or even wallpaper. there is foam on the ground.

Stories about the drunkenness of the Russian army are not fiction. In something resembling an improvised dump — dozens of bottles of elite alcohol, most likely, stolen from local shops or homes of Ukrainians.


The village of Lypivka is next to the camp. Local houses were destroyed. Fields around are in mines.