NYT: The US will give Israel tens of thousands of artillery shells promised to Ukraine

Anhelina Sheremet

The USA will hand over to Israel tens of thousands of 155 mm artillery shells, which they promised to hand over to Ukraine.

The American newspaper The New York Times writes about it with reference to a representative of the US Ministry of Defense.

The New York Times writes that the global stockpile of 155 mm shells and other weapons systems has already been exhausted, and manufacturers are scrambling to meet demand, so "there will be compromises" in supplies for both wars.

According to current and former US national security officials and representatives of Congress, for the most part, Ukraine and Israel are waging different types of wars and have different capabilities and needs. However, both countries may need, in addition to artillery ammunition, bombs with a GPS navigation system and portable Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems from the United States.

  • On October 20, US President Joe Biden asked Congress for additional aid in the amount of $106 billion. Of them, $61.4 billion is for supporting Ukraine, the rest is for Israel and for strengthening the border between the United States and Mexico.