Even during blackouts, DTEK will not turn off electricity for 10% of consumers in the Kyiv region

Sofiia Telishevska

Employees of "DTEK Kyiv Regional Electric Networks" halved the number of consumers connected to critical infrastructure power networks. They were the ones who did not cut off the power supply last year.

This winter, there will be 10.5% of such consumers for the entire region. Vitaly Shayda, CEO of DTEK Kyiv Regional Electric Networks, told Forbes about this.

Last winter, there were about 246,000 consumers, or 23%, connected to critical infrastructure networks, this winter there will be about 114,000, or 10.5%.

It is still impossible to achieve a higher rate, says Shayda. "It is necessary to completely change the electricity supply scheme, it is long and expensive," he explains.

  • On October 10, 2022, Russia began attacking Ukraineʼs energy infrastructure. In the period from October 2022 to February 2023, the Russians carried out 225 strikes on 112 objects of critical civilian infrastructure of Ukraine. Damages to Ukraineʼs infrastructure exceed $10 billion — this applies to the energy, gas, and heat industries.
  • In Ukraine, more than half of the power plants have already been repaired, and the repair of four remains to be completed. As for hydroelectric power stations, 32 units have been restored, and the same number are still under repair. "Ukrenergo" repaired almost 80% of the trunk network. And the high-voltage substations have already been restored to their pre-war condition.