Former Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson does not believe in the effectiveness of possible negotiations with Putin

Oksana Kovalenko

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not believe in the effectiveness of possible negotiations with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He believes that countries should freeze assets belonging to the Russian ruling elites and provide Ukraine with the weapons it is asking for as quickly as possible.

Johnson said this in a speech at the annual YES conference.

"If there is a way to find a peaceful solution, of course it should be done. But I donʼt think that is possible with Vladimir Putin. I have the impression that this is unlikely to be achieved. Yevgeny Prigozhin thought he would be able to come to an agreement with Vladimir Putin, but it didnʼt end very well for him, did it? Therefore, I am skeptical," he said and emphasized that Great Britain will support Ukraine.

Johnson is also sure that NATO should demonstrate that "we want to see Ukraine in NATO as soon as possible."

"This is a powerful psychological support for the country and a powerful deterrent for anyone who would try to attack this country. NATO is working," he said.

Johnson believes that economic pressure on Putin should be increased, and Russian frozen assets should be transferred to Ukraine as reparations. He is also sure that Western partners should respond more quickly to Ukraineʼs requests for weapons.

"When I see my colleagues from other Western countries, I ask, why are you waiting and not handing over enough weapons to Ukraine? She needs it now! What are you waiting for, you will save a life. I donʼt understand why they drag, and in the end they give this weapon, but with a long delay. Therefore, it is necessary to increase aid and provide Ukraine with what it needs as soon as possible," Johnson emphasized.