In Poltava, the court arrested a blogger who spat at veterans and humiliated them

Anhelina Sheremet

On September 1, the October District Court of Poltava arrested Roman Zavoloka, who spat at an employee of the Military Commissariat and humiliated the military.

This is reported by "Suspilne".

Roman Zavoloka said during the meeting: "I hate the aggressor country that started this war. And I am trying with all my might to nullify the wrongful actions of people in power, who take boys from the war who were injured, who received injuries, contusions. And instead of paying them and putting them at home, they put them on the streets and serve summonses to people, knowing that people will react aggressively to this."

Roman Zavoloka during the court session, September 1.

Roman Zavoloka is suspected of insulting the honor and dignity of a serviceman, making and distributing materials that insult the honor and dignity of a military person, as well as threatening or using violence against a law enforcement officer.

  • On August 29, in the center of Poltava, an employee of the special service and KORD fighters detained 27-year-old blogger and fitness trainer Roman Zavoloka, who the day before spat at veterans and humiliated them, filming it on video. Zavoloka published a video with military images on Instagram. The last incident happened on August 26. He called the military "geese" and made fun of the trembling hands of one of the veterans. He explained that he had a tremor due to a concussion, and that he went to war voluntarily. In response, Zavoloka called him "a jerk who got hooked." The video of the incident caused outrage on social networks. The Security Service of Ukraine stated that Zavoloka accused the military of starting a war, killing "people for money" and publicly spreading pro-Russian narratives.