Intelligence source: The Tu-22M3 was destroyed as a result of the drone attack on the Russian “Soltsy” airfield

Liza Brovko

One Tu-22M3 strategic bomber was destroyed and four others were damaged as a result of drone attacks on Russian airfields "Soltsy" and "Shaykovka".

This was reported by "Babel" intelligence sources.

The extent of damage to the planes is being ascertained.

Photos of a burning Tu-22M3 at "Soltsy" appeared on August 20, a day after the attack on the airfield. British intelligence assumed that the attack was carried out from the territory of the Russian Federation. At that time, the Russian Ministry of Defense informed that the Tu-22M3 bomber was "damaged".

The Planet Labs company took satellite images of the "Soltsy" Air Base before and after the drone attack. In the photo from August 16, ten Tu-22M3 bombers can be seen there, and on August 21, the lanes were empty, traces of a fire can be seen at the place of one of the bombers.