The head of the Pentagon: Russia shows the same damaged Ukrainian equipment from different angles thousands of times

Liza Brovko

After the meeting in the Rammstein format, US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said that Ukraine is losing military equipment during offensive operations, but it has enough forces and means to continue the fight.

According to him, the Russian occupiers show the same five units of military equipment in the media "thousands of times from ten different angles."

At the same time, Austin noted that Ukraine has the opportunity to restore damaged equipment and return it to the battlefield. At the same time, he emphasized the importance of continuing to help the Ukrainian military.

  • On June 6, the Russian Ministry of Defense published a video of the destruction of Ukrainian agricultural machinery, mistaking it for Leopard tanks. Large wheels with light-colored discs were clearly visible in the footage. Most likely, the Russians destroyed John Deere combines.
  • The Russians later claimed to have destroyed 28 tanks during the day, including eight Leopards, three AMX-10 wheeled light tanks and 109 armored fighting vehicles. They did not provide any confirmation of this, but on June 8, videos and photos of destroyed Ukrainian equipment during the assault on Zaporizhzhia appeared on social networks. The OSINT community, in particular the Ukrainian one, confirmed the destruction of at least one Leopard 2A4 and the damage of five M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. M113 and MaxxPro armored vehicles were also destroyed or damaged in the footage.
  • The Russians also released video of a Lancet kamikaze drone hitting the IRIS-T radar, but the choppy video led OSINT investigators to assume damage to the radar rather than its destruction.
  • Already on June 10 and 11, new photos from the front in the Zaporizhzhia region with destroyed or damaged Ukrainian equipment began to appear on social networks. The same OSINT investigators counted as lost two Leopard 2A6 tanks, two Bradleys, a Bergepanzer repair vehicle, several MaxxPros and three Leopard 2R anti-mine vehicles, which are designed to "move" minefields.