The USA sees no signs that it was Ukraine that attacked the Kremlin

Anna Kholodnova

Director of the CIA William Burns held a closed briefing on the explosions over the Kremlin. According to the chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Mark Warner, there is no indication yet that Ukraine is behind the drone strike on Moscow.

CNN writes about it.

"We still donʼt have much information. I think the committee has laid out all the information we have received and we need to hear it again from the agency director as soon as possible. At least at the moment there are no signs that Ukrainians were the source [of the attack]," he told reporters.

According to Warner, there is nothing unusual about the fact that there is not much information about the incident, considering that the attack took place recently.

  • On May 3, Russia announced that Ukraine allegedly tried to strike the Kremlin with drones at night. They called it a "terrorist act" and said they reserved the right to take retaliatory measures "where and when they see fit." A ban on drones was announced in Moscow.
  • The spokesman of the President Serhiy Nikiforov denied Ukraineʼs involvement in the attacks on the Kremlin, calling it "inflammation of the situation before May 9."
  • The adviser to the head of the Presidentʼs Office Mykhailo Podolyak emphasized that Ukrainian troops are waging a defensive war and do not attack objects in Russia, because this "does not solve any military problem." However, such incidents, according to him, give the Russian Federation grounds to justify its attacks on civilians.