Zaluzhnyi awarded a soldier who repelled an attack near Svatove (and captured the battle on camera)

Anhelina Sheremet

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine General Valerii Zaluzhnyi awarded the Golden Cross to soldier Ruslan Zubarev with a call sign "Hyzhak".

21-year-old Zubarev is fighting in the 92nd separate mechanized brigade named after Ivan Sirko. Zaluzhnyi also presented the soldier with an award weapon.

What is Ruslan Zubarev famous for?

In February, together with his partner, he repelled an attack by Russians on a position in the Svatove region, filming the battle on camera — here is the video. Then he destroyed the IFV and at least four occupants.

In his Telegram channel, he told how it was: "The day was as ordinary as possible, nothing was happened. My partner and I took up the post, defended for an hour and a half. There was literally half an hour left to change and go to rest, but we heard the roar of IFV-2. Thinking that it was somewhere far away, I personally still decided to prepare anti-tank means. Literally 10 seconds later, our fighters tried to warn us over the walkie-talkie about the IFV-2 was moving in our direction. We did not fully understand what was said to us on the walkie-talkie, because the Russians used means for jamming communication. When the message was repeated on the walkie-talkie that the equipment was moving towards us, it was already 5 meters away. Then began what you all saw in the video. In the end, we repelled the attack. Those who managed to survive ran away, but everyone else is still lying there."