MDI: Russia has changed the tactics of missile attacks

Anna Kholodnova

The Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (MDI) of the Ministry of Defense Vadym Skibitsky told how the Russians change the targets of missile strikes.

According to him, the Ukrainian energy industry will remain a target for the occupiers, but the main target may be military facilities, places where Ukrainian troops gather, and logistics.

"Letʼs take the final drone strikes on the night of March 17-18 and the night of March 21-22. Fuel and lubricant bases were hit in Novomoskovsk, Zhytomyr, and there were also hits in the Yavoriv district. What were the main goals? The logistics system of our troops and the concentration of our equipment at deployment points," Skibitsky noted.

In his opinion, the Russians will attack those objects that are necessary for Ukraine to successfully conduct hostilities, such as oil refineries and enterprises of the defense-industrial complex, etc. The occupiers may also target hydrotechnical and water treatment facilities.