Sweden will transfer 8 Archer artillery systems to Ukraine

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Swedish government has named the number of Archer self-propelled artillery systems that it plans to transfer to Ukraine. There they decided that the Ukrainian army would receive eight such self-propelled guns.

Dagens Industri writes about it.

In the Swedish parliament, a draft of amendments to the budget was presented, in which accurate data appeared on the amount of equipment that Sweden wants to transfer to Ukraine. It is about eight Archer self-propelled guns and ten Leopard 2 tanks.

Their total value is estimated at 6 billion crowns ($570 million). This money is planned to be allocated to the Swedish army in 2024-2026 to replace the equipment transferred to Ukraine. Parliament is also being asked to authorize the sale of 14 Archers to Great Britain.

In total, Sweden has 48 such self-propelled guns, 24 of which are in service. 22 will be transferred to Ukraine and Great Britain, and two installations will remain for modernization. Ukraine itself will be able to use six of the eight installations at the same time since two will remain in reserve in case of destruction or repair.

It is expected that the self-propelled guns will appear in Ukraine in a few months; before that training must be completed, and a logistics hub for repairs must be established near the borders of Ukraine.

Archer self-propelled guns with a 155-mm gun are called the icon of artillery systems. It has an automatic charging system and digital targeting. It takes 3.5 minutes to fire all the ammunition for 21 shells.