Some roadblocks and trenches will be removed in Kyiv. The rest of the barriers will be strengthened

Anna Kholodnova

The capital authorities, together with the military, decided to improve the system of engineering barriers. In Kyiv, part of the roadblocks will be removed, and part of the trenches will be filled in. Some of them, on the contrary, will be improved and strengthened.

This was reported in the city military administration.

The barricades that will remain will be improved — unusable concrete blocks, sandbags, anti-tank "hedgehogs" will be replaced with new ones, dugouts will be strengthened, trenches will be put in order.

A part of other defensive structures, which will be important for the defense of Kyiv, will get into a "sleeping" mode. That is, such checkpoints will be removed from the roadway, but concrete blocks, sandbags, and anti-tank hedgehogs will be left in designated places so that in the event of a threat to the capital, they can be returned to combat mode as soon as possible.