Reuters: In Denmark, police are looking for a yacht allegedly involved in the “Nord Stream” bombing

Anna Kholodnova

The Reuters agency writes that the yacht, which probably transported explosives for the Russian Nordic Streams, is being searched in Denmark.

"Police were looking for a specific boat that moored here in September and may be involved in the gas pipeline explosions," noted Kristiansø island chief Soren Thiem Andersen.

According to Andersen, the Danish police were looking for the boats that docked in Kristiansø on September 16-18. Law enforcement officers interviewed local residents, collected video footage from the harbor and analyzed data from the ticket machine at the port.

Kristiansø is an island in a small archipelago about 18 km northeast of the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. Only 98 people live on this archipelago. There is a former naval fortress, which remains under the control of the Danish Ministry of Defence.

  • Citing sources and intelligence, The New York Times reported that the explosions on the Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 could have been carried out by a pro-Ukrainian group of "Putinʼs opponents". It allegedly included Russians and Ukrainians.
  • The German publications SWR and Zeit wrote that the investigation in Germany established a yacht that was used for sabotage, and believes that it is somehow connected with Ukraine. The yacht was rented from a Polish company, probably owned by two Ukrainians. The investigation specifies that the sabotage team consisted of six people — the captain, two divers, two assistant divers and a female doctor.
  • The newspaper The Times wrote that Western spies have long known the name of a Ukrainian who allegedly financed the sabotage of the Nord Streams in the Baltic Sea. It was decided not to reveal his identity in the interests of Ukraine.