The former head of “Naftogaz” Andriy Kobolev did not pay a deposit of 229 million by the deadline

Anna Kholodnova

The former chairman of the board of “Naftogaz” Andriy Kobolev did not pay the bail in the amount of UAH 229 million, which was set by the Appellate Chamber of the Higher Anti-Corruption Court (HACC).

This was reported by the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutorʼs Office (SAPO).

According to the courtʼs decision, Kobolev had to pay the funds within five days from the announcement of the decision, i.e. by March 6, 2023, and undertook to inform the law enforcement officers about it. However, as of March 7, the pre-trial investigation body has not received such information.

Now Andriy Kobolev may have his preventive measure reviewed.

SAPO also noted that, contrary to media reports, as of March 7, the court had not seized any accounts of the ex-head of “Naftogaz” in this criminal proceeding.

  • On January 19, 2023, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) reported to Andrii Kobolev that he was suspected of embezzling over 229 million hryvnias. The investigation established that in May 2018, Kobolev, contrary to the law, issued an order to reward the companyʼs employees, on the basis of which he was paid almost 261 million hryvnias for "extraordinary achievements" — this refers to the positive decision of the Stockholm Arbitration in the gas case of Ukraine against Russia.
  • On January 31, the High Anti-Corruption Court recognized the suspicion of Andriy Kobolev as "unfounded" and refused to choose a preventive measure for him (arrest with an alternative to bail). Then the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutorʼs Office appealed this decision.