The Cabinet handed over Yanukovychʼs residences to the State Property Fund. They will become tourist parks

Anna Kholodnova

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine transferred the confiscated assets of fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych, in particular, on the territory of "Mezhyhirya" to the management of the State Property Fund.

The fund took over an apartment and two parking spaces in Kyiv, three buildings, a residential building, two plots of land in Donetsk, non-residential buildings in Yalta, a Brig ship, two Toyota Sienna and Toyota Land Cruiser 100 cars.

In addition, the Government handed over to the State Property Fund the recreation and health center in the village of Novi Petrivtsi (Kyiv region), the hotel-restaurant complex in Vyshhorod district (Kyiv region) Akatsiya, a residential building with a total area of 825.8 square meters in Novi Petrivtsi and another building with a total area of 619.6 square meters in the same village, as well as 100% LLC Tantalit and 100% LLC House of the Forester.

Now the State Property Fund will make a decision on the further fate of the property — until the moment when the objects are not included in the park-monuments of garden and park art of national significance.

  • In mid-December last year, the High Anti-Corruption Court confiscated the movable and immovable property and funds of fugitive ex-president Viktor Yanukovych from state income, and on January 17, the court arrested him in absentia.