Great Britain imposed new sanctions against Russia

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

Great Britain expanded personal sanctions against Russia. The list includes representatives of Rosatom and other Russian defense enterprises.

The press service of the British government writes about it.

In total, sanctions were imposed on 92 people and companies. Rosatom managers, as well as 34 managers of two of the largest Russian defense companies, Rostekh and Almaz-Antey, and four banks were subject to restrictions.

Sanctions were also imposed against the mother of gymnast Alina Kabaeva — Lyubov. Alina Kabaeva is considered the common-law wife of Russian President Putin.

In addition, restrictions were imposed against the general director of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline operator, Matthias Warnig.

Also included in the list are six Russian organizations engaged in the production or repair of military equipment, including aviation and the navy.

The UK has also banned the export of aircraft parts, radio equipment and electronic kits that can be used in military production, including drones. Imports of 140 iron and steel products, including those processed in third countries, will also be banned.

  • On February 15, the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen presented the official proposal for the tenth package of sanctions against Russia. The European Commission is proposing further export bans that will cost more than €11 billion and deprive the Russian economy of critical technologies and industrial products. We are talking about goods that Russia will not be able to get from other countries: electronics, special vehicles, car parts, spare parts for trucks and airplanes, goods for the construction sector that can be used by the Russian military.
  • The publication Bloomberg wrote that the European Union is considering the possibility of introducing sanctions against the Russian National Welfare Fund. They also want to oblige banks to disclose more information about frozen Russian assets.