“Ukrposhta” will release a post stamp for the anniversary of the full-scale war

Sofiia Telishevska

"Ukrposhta" opened a pre-order for a new post stamp for the anniversary of the start of a full-scale war. "PTN PNH" — this is exactly the name the new brand will have.

This was reported by the general director of the company Ihor Smilyanskyi.

The print run of the stamp is 250 000 sheets (six post stamps each), but the post office is still keeping the date of the opening of sales a secret.

The stamp depicts a reproduction of Banksyʼs graffiti, left by him on the wall of a destroyed house in Borodyanka, on which a boy defeats a judoka.

"The future is in the person of a boy, who will definitely win over the past, which is stuck in the head of the sick dictator and all those who support him. Or, as the president said at the Munich conference last week, David will defeat Goliath," Smilyanskyi wrote on social media.

  • "Ukrposhta" will also issue the "Weapons of Victory" post stamp — part of the funds will go to the needs of the Ukrainian army. On the images will be samples of military domestic and foreign weapons: "Alder", "Neptune", "Stugna-P", "Bayraktar TB2", FGM-149 "Javelin", "M142 Hymars".