Conversion therapy to be banned in Great Britain

Oleg Panfilovych

Conversion therapy to be banned in Great Britain.

The BBC writes about it.

New legislation banning all forms of conversion therapy in England and Wales will include practices aimed at transgender people, the government has announced. The ban makes it illegal to attempt to change someoneʼs sexuality or gender identity.

It is noted that the government previously ruled out including a ban on transgender conversion therapy in the draft law. The BBC writes that it is not yet known exactly how widespread conversion therapy is in Britain, but 5% of the 108,000 people who responded to a UK-wide survey in 2018 said they had been offered some form of such therapy, while 2% had undergone it. Among transgender respondents, 8% said they had been offered conversion therapy, and 4% said they had received it.

  • At the end of January 2021, France passed a law that prohibits so-called conversion therapy and provides for imprisonment for those who practice it and try to change peopleʼs sexual orientation or gender identity.