The Czech Republic and Norway will hand over 20 bridges to Ukraine — four of them have already been installed

Sofiia Telishevska

In 2023, the Czech Republic and Norway will hand over 22 bridges to Ukraine to restore traffic in the de-occupied territories.

The deputy head of the State Highway Agency Andriy Ivko informed about this.

Since July, the Czech Republic has already handed over six such bridges, four of which were installed in Kyiv, Cherkasy and Kharkiv regions. Two more bridges will be installed in Kherson region.

Next year, the Czechs promise to hand over 12 more such structures, and the Norwegians — 10.

"Norwegian State Road Administration provided Ukravtodor with humanitarian aid in the form of 10 bridges. These are temporary bridge structures suitable for the movement of heavy vehicles. They are already on their way. We expect their arrival in Ukraine in January," Andriy Ivko noted.

According to him, the structures will allow not only to connect settlements, but also to ensure the delivery of humanitarian goods, the passage of emergency and repair crews, and the evacuation of the population.