WP: Biden will agree to transfer of the “Patriot” systems to Ukraine after Pentagon answers to his warnings

Oleg Panfilovych

The U.S. President Joe Biden will sign the decision on the transfer of the Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine only after receiving answers to his reservations from the Pentagon.

The Washington Post writes about it.

A senior Biden administration official said the president will sign off on a plan to provide Ukraine with the Patriot system only after the Pentagon answers all questions about training and maintenance, the legality of the transfer and its impact on the U.S. military capability. The Ministry of Defense is currently working on the parameters of the training program, which is likely to take place in Germany. Under normal conditions, training can last more than six months. Another U.S. official said the weapons would come from U.S. warehouses but not from operational units.

The Patriot system relies on sophisticated radar to detect incoming threats and fires long-range missiles to intercept them. Its launchers are mounted on a truck chassis and are very mobile. One battery requires approximately 90 servicemen. The battery includes up to eight launchers, each containing between four and 16 ready-to-fire missiles, depending on the type of ammunition. The system is designed for use at the battalion level, where each battalion includes a headquarters, maintenance company, and communications specialists.

The United States has approximately 15 Patriot battalions, many of which are deployed in Europe and the Middle East. Several U.S. allies and partners also have their own Patriot systems. Missiles launched by the complex can fly to a height of up to 23 kilometers, with an operational range of up to 160 kilometers, depending on the type of ammunition used. These systems are capable of shooting down ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as aircraft. It is not yet known what kind of ammunition the Pentagon will offer to supply.

  • On Tuesday, it became known that the administration of the U.S. President Joe Biden is finalizing plans to send the Patriot anti-missile defense system to Ukraine. It can be announced this week.