FT: The European Union plans to appoint a special representative who will monitor compliance with sanctions

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The European Union will soon appoint a special representative who will monitor compliance with the sanctions. Its main focus will be on enforcing sanctions against the Russian Federation.

The Financial Times (FT) writes about it.

The EU wants to appoint a new envoy to push for stricter enforcement of its sanctions in other countries, including Turkey, as it seeks to regulate compliance with restrictions against Russia. Russians circumvent European sanctions by importing and exporting through third countries, or by registering their companies there.

The post of special representative will be introduced from January. Currently, it was offered to hold the former EU ambassador to the USA David OʼSullivan.

A decision on the appointment is expected to be made by the European Commission on Tuesday. Among the countries in the EUʼs spotlight is Turkey, which has refused to abide by EU sanctions against the Kremlin.

The USA and the EU are pushing, in particular, for Ankara to crack down on the supply of banned goods by traders seeking to circumvent tough export controls on industrial and defense products imposed on Russia.

  • On December 7, the European Commission officially proposed the ninth package of sanctions against Russia. It included additional personal restrictions, as well as measures to complicate the delivery of drones to Russia.