Reuters: Russia agrees with India on the supply of more than 500 sanctioned goods

Anna Kholodnova

Russia has sent India a list of more than 500 goods for potential supply. In particular, Russians are interested in spare parts for cars, planes, and trains.

Four sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.

In New Delhi, journalists managed to familiarize themselves with this list. It is almost 14 pages long and contains a request for automotive engine parts such as pistons, oil pumps, and ignition coils. There is also a request for bumpers and seat belts.

For airplanes and helicopters, Russia has requested 41 goods, including chassis components, fuel systems, communication systems, firefighting equipment, life jackets, and aviation tires.

Also on the list are raw materials for the production of paper, paper bags, and consumer packaging, materials and equipment for the production of textiles, including fabric and dyes, and approximately 200 items related to metallurgy.

According to sources, India seeks to reduce the trade deficit with Russia. According to a government source, India hopes to increase exports to nearly $10 billion in the coming months. However, some companies are concerned that they may fall under Western sanctions.

According to Reuters sources, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has asked large companies to provide lists of raw materials and equipment they need.

  • The Indian government has not joined Western countries in openly criticizing the Kremlin over the war in Ukraine and dramatically increased purchases of Russian oil.