The Russians damaged 592 heat supply facilities in Ukraine

Sofiia Telishevska

In Ukraine, 592 heat supply facilities were damaged as a result of rocket attacks by the occupiers on energy infrastructure. It was possible to restore 316 objects of them.

Deputy Minister of Community and Territorial Development Nataliia Khotsyanivska reported this, the press service of the Ministry of Regions reports.

"In Ukraine, 592 heat supply facilities were damaged, namely: 444 boiler houses, 13 thermal power plants, seven thermal power plants and 128 central heating points. Thanks to coordinated actions, 316 such objects have already been restored today," the official said.

In general, about 99.7% of boilers in Ukraine are working, and almost 100% of residential buildings, schools, kindergartens and health care facilities are connected to heating.

225 residential buildings out of almost 72 400 remain unconnected to heating (not including Luhansk and Kherson regions).