The lives of Ukrainian military personnel who were involved in a road accident in Latvia are not in danger

Oleg Panfilovych

There is no threat to the lives of Ukrainian military personnel who were involved in a road accident in Latvia.

This was reported by the speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleh Nikolenko.

"The embassies of Ukraine in Latvia and Estonia take care of Ukrainians who have been involved in road accidents. They are provided with the necessary medical assistance, there are no threats to life. Diplomats are also interacting with law enforcement officers to find out the causes of the accident. The previous version is bad weather," he noted.

In Latvia, in the area of the city of Ainaži, which is close to the Estonian border, a bus carrying Ukrainian military personnel was involved in an accident. The accident happened in the evening of November 26. A bus commissioned by the Estonian Defense Forces collided with a truck. The bus driver died on the spot, 26 passengers were injured. Three of them are in serious condition.

One Estonian soldier is among the injured. All the others are Ukrainians, 17 of them have minor injuries. All the injured were taken to a hospital in Estonia.

According to LETA, the bus was carrying soldiers from Poland to Estonia. Representatives of the MK Autobuss company, which owned the bus, reported that the truck driver lost control and crashed into the bus from the driverʼs side. The second bus driver, who received a leg injury, also says this. According to him, there was a blizzard that day, the road conditions were very bad.