Zelensky informed about his version of the price limit for Russian oil — $30 per barrel

Anna Kholodnova

The President of Ukraine believes that the price of Russian oil should be limited to $30 per barrel.

He said this during a speech at the international symposium The idea of Europe.

According to him, this year Europeʼs dependence on Russian energy resources began to decrease, and should disappear completely. One of the key tools for this is considered by Zelensky to limit Russian profits from the export of energy resources. He supported the proposal of Poland and the Baltic states.

"Regarding the limitation of prices for Russian oil, $60-70 per barrel sounds like an understatement. Itʼs more like trying to portray something than actually doing it. I am grateful to our Baltic and Polish colleagues for their suggestions. Limiting prices at the level of $30 per barrel is a more appropriate proposal," the President of Ukraine noted.

  • On December 5, an embargo on the supply of almost all oil from Russia will enter into force in the European Union. Only Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic will retain the temporary right to supply oil from the Russian Federation through the pipeline.
  • The G7 countries propose to establish a price limit for Russian oil at the level of $65-70 per barrel. This proposal is being discussed in the European Union.
  • The Reuters agency, citing its own sources, wrote that on November 23, representatives of the EU member states could not agree on the introduction of a price limit for Russian oil.