Andriy Shevchenko leaves the National Olympic Committee

Kostia Andreikovets

Former coach of the Ukrainian national team Andriy Shevchenko informed on his Facebook page that he will not be a member of the National Olympic Committee (NOC), where he was elected as a result of the elections.

"During the most difficult time in the history of my country, I am proud to be next to Ukraine and help with everything I can do for our victory. I consider it an honor to work in the National Olympic Committee. I understand the importance of its development. At the same time, I cannot remain a member of the NOC with such a composition. We pay an infinitely high price for our freedom with the lives of the best Ukrainians. We must be worthy of them," Shevchenko wrote.

  • On November 17, for the first time in 17 years, the head of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine changed — the Minister of Youth and Sports Vadym Hutzait became him. Prior to that, the National Olympic Committee was headed by Serhiy Bubka.
  • On that day, Andriy Shevchenko, boxer Oleksandr Usyk, the MP from the banned OPZZh Hryhoriy Surkis, athletes Maryna Beh-Romanchuk and Lilia Podkopaeva, as well as the MP from the OPZZh Nestor Shufrych were also elected as members of the NOC that day.
  • The presence of the MPs from OPZZh outraged activists and journalists.