The “Ocean Plaza” shopping center will resume operations from November 22. Its shareholders were suspected of financing the Russian army

Oleg Panfilovych

The shopping and entertainment center Ocean Plaza (Kyiv) resumes work from November 22. Among its co-owners was Arkadiy Rotenberg, Putinʼs close associate.

Forbes writes about it.

“We would like to inform you that from November 22, 2022, the Ocean Plaza shopping center will resume operations. We ask you to prepare the premises by the above-mentioned date,” the notice to tenants says. Since the end of February, the mall has been closed.

The tenants will be notified additionally about the procedure for carrying out work and importing or exporting goods.

On August 12, the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv canceled the seizure of the building of the Ocean Plaza shopping center in Kyiv. The court drew attention to the fact that the seizure of the shopping center is excessively burdensome, as it blocks the activities of 350 tenants and 7,000 employees, who provide income to the budgets of various levels of about 3 billion hryvnias per year.

As the agency writes, earlier the court transferred the mall to the management of the Agency for Investigation and Management of Illegal Assets (ARMA). The investigation believes that the money received from the activity of the shopping center was transferred through a chain of financial transactions to the address of citizens of the Russian Federation. And this money financed the production and supply of ammunition for the Russian army.

In 2012, the Ocean Plaza shopping center was purchased by the Russian company TPS Nedvizhimost by Arkadiy Rotenberg, a Russian oligarch from Putinʼs entourage. In 2019, businessman Vasyl Khmelnytskyi indirectly through UDP Holdings Limited acquired 33.5% of the shares of the Ocean Plaza shopping center.