Dennik N: Slovak companies supplied Russia and Iran with parts that could be used for the production of weapons

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

Since the beginning of Russiaʼs invasion of Ukraine, Slovak companies have been supplying the Russian Federation and Iran with spare parts that can be used for the production of weapons. In particular, it is about engines, bearings, electronics, etc.

This is stated in the investigation of Dennik N.

They said there that the Ukrainian military caught the Iranian Mohajer-6 drone from the sea and disassembled it into spare parts. An Austrian Rotax 912iS engine, which is used in civilian small aircraft, was found in it. Austria immediately denied involvement in the delivery of the engine. However, on April 21, Slovak border guards allowed a local company to export such an engine to Iran.

The publication claims that they have at their disposal a list of thousands of items, including bearings, engines, electronics, and equipment for the production of tire components, which can be used in the production of various weapons and equipment. According to journalists, Slovak border guards simply did not check whether the sold goods could be used for military purposes.

Many such goods were supplied to Russian companies that act as subsidiaries of the arms industry. These agreements may constitute a violation of EU sanctions.

The countryʼs Ministry of Finance blames such exports on the Ministry of Economy, which is responsible for issuing licenses. They deny it there and place the blame exclusively on the customs service. The Slovak authorities have promised to deal with this issue.