The Minister of Defense: Ukraine established the production of shells for artillery and mortars, but not of 155 caliber

Kostia Andreikovets

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov stated that Ukroboronprom established the production of 152 mm, 122 mm and 120 mm projectiles, which are used by artillery and heavy mortars. Currently, there is a question of increasing production volumes.

He told about this during the briefing.

Regarding the increase in production, the minister hopes that they will increase within a few months. Currently, there is an acute need in Ukraine for the production of 155 mm caliber NATO ammunition. Western technology uses them.

"We have one Ukrainian artillery installation of 155 caliber — it is "Bohdana", it passed the first tests. We have a direct dialogue with the manufacturers, and if the production of this artillery system continues, then the production of ammunition will also be established for it," the minister added.

According to him, so far the Ukrainian Armed Forces are sufficiently equipped with 155-mm shells.

In addition, Reznikov stated that the main challenge for the defense complex is the repair and maintenance of equipment and the production of drones of all types.

"We are preparing to develop three levels of equipment repair and maintenance. These are armored vehicles, mortars, small arms, and others. The first level of repair is in units on the battlefield. The second is repair of medium complexity, which will take place at Ukrainian enterprises that are ready for this. And already too complex repairs will be carried out outside Ukraine, at partner enterprises in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic," the minister noted.

Another challenge of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is the production of not only air, but also sea and ground drones, as well as means of combating them.