Switzerland will provide Ukraine with almost $100 million to rebuild its energy infrastructure

Anna Kholodnova

On November 2, the Federal Council of Switzerland allocated 100 million Swiss francs (almost $100 million) for the restoration of Ukraineʼs energy infrastructure.

This is stated on the website of the countryʼs government.

They note that Switzerland helps Ukrainian energy companies to purchase energy sources and spare parts, participates in the repair of rail fastening systems (for transporting heavy loads such as grain) and provides humanitarian support.

Switzerland is also looking for ways to supply Ukraine with additional types of aid: generators, pumps or water purification plants.

The Federal Council will submit a request to parliament for an additional 76 million Swiss francs to cover these costs.

  • In addition, twelve countries will supply Ukraine with energy equipment to help restore critical infrastructure. Ukraine has already agreed on such deliveries from Israel, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, North Macedonia, Poland, the Republic of Korea, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland and France.